Motor development in children is described as a dynamic process in which new forms of motion emerge through both intrinsic processes and by interaction with the environment. Obviously, motor development is highly variable from child to child because each individual has distinctive neural and physical properties and is growing up in a unique environment.

Motor development may be affected because of an orthopaedic disorder, the baby is born premature or because of a real neurological problem.

How can I help you?

An assessment will be done to investigate if the motor development of your baby is in accordance with his/her age. If it is not the case or if a neurological problem was diagnosed, my objective will be to stimulate his/her neuro motor development, to prevent the consequences of his/her neurological disorder. For that, I use a technic developed by Mr Le Metayer


OBPP or Erb’s palsy is an injury to one or more nerves of the Brachial Plexus which provokes a paralysis of the arm at birth. It occurs during a difficult birth and often affects larger babies. After the delivery of the baby’s head, the baby’s shoulder may become stuck in the mother’s pelvis and the obstetrician needs to deliver quickly  to prevent brain damage. For that, a variety of manoeuvres may be used and may result in damage to the nerves of the arm.

The recovery is difficult to predict and depends on the structure which are damaged and the severity of the nerve stretching. Most nerve re-growth and muscle function will occur during the 1st year. Approximately, 10% of children require some surgery.

How can I help your baby?

I will assess your baby’s active arm movement and the range in his/hers arm joints.

I will use stretching and mobilisation of every part of his/ her arm to prevent muscular retraction and stiffness of joints. I will make a night time splint to keep the arm in a good position.

I will teach you arm exercises and give you advice.

If the arm function is not progressing adequately by 8 weeks, I may suggest a referral to a specialist for a new assessment.

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