If you are not able to get to the clinic at Chiswick or live in West London, far away from it , then the virtual approach is a great solution for you to get the help you need. I will ask you to download zoom (zoom.us) onto your device or use your skype account if you have one and here we go. 

We can envisage to book a face to face consultation to manage restrictions that can be resolved by yourself and do online sessions for every technics or exercises you can apply at distance.  

What didn't change with online session? To assess you, I collect information about your problem and past medical history. I choose easy and adapted tests that I show you and I explain you the biomechanical cause of your disorder in using anatomical pictures and explanation. Then I suggest you a plan treatment. We work out each part of your daily home program. Every tests or exercises will be demonstrated and corrected if needed.

What does change with virtual session? it is a team work which involves adaptation for both of us and even if it is different than a face to face consultation, it works.

At the moment, we are “staying alert” but I can still offer the best treatment around.

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