Annie Josseron Physiotherapist

I graduated in 1992 in physiotherapy from the EFOM foundation Boris Dolto in Paris.

I worked for 4 years at the Bicetre Hospital taking care of adults suffering from respiratory, orthopaedic and rheumatologic disorders.

During this period, I also followed a two-years training in intensive care concluded by an accreditation from AP-HP institution.

I worked for 11 years at the Cochin/ Saint Vincent de Paul paediatric hospital in France where I specialised in neurological, orthopaedic and respiratory paediatrics.

I taught for a year at the Lariboisière physiotherapy school in Paris.


I developed my skills further with training in Le Metayer concept for cerebral palsy with CDI organization, Chest baby physiotherapy with French Red Cross and attended many intensive care and neurologic conferences.

I worked in private practices in Paris, Gabon (Port Gentil) and London with a focus on women’s health and musculoskeletal disorders.

I am trained in pelvic floor rehabilitation with EIRPP (International School of Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy) in Paris, K taping, functional strength and conditioning, Mulligan concept Mobilisation with Physio UK (a company promoting continuing professional development for physiotherapists in London)

I was a volunteer at the Tchengue Hospital (Gabon) and am currently a volunteer at the United Anglo Caribbean Society where I assist elderly with functional rehabilitation sessions and at the French Dispensaire in Hammersmith.

I attend conferences and training on a regular basis to develop my knowledge about different physiotherapy, medical, surgical treatments (Fortius clinic, Lister Hospital, French Clinic Society, London Bridge Hospital, Physio UK, EIRPP, CHU Lyon, RKBE).


I am registered with the Health Professional Council and am fully qualified to practice in the United Kingdom.

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