The causes of back or neck pain are various. It may be due to an anatomical damage (herniated disc, muscle strain, ligament sprain, spinal stenosis..), a poor posture over time, an abdominal wall weakness, a vertebral/pelvic joint dysfunction or the consequence of a restriction of another body part.

How can I help you?

The rehabilitation depends on the causes and must be adapted to each person. I will check your body to identify muscles, joints restriction because for example a lack of foot motion can impact your neck or lower back function and provokes pain in this area.

The techniques I use are massage, stretching, posture correction, muscular reinforcement, ergonomic advices.

You can hurt your ankles, elbows, knees or shoulders when practising a sport, in daily activities or because of our job. Most of the time, surgery is not required but a joint not fixed may result in chronic pain in the future.

How Can I help you?

To recover the soft tissue and the joint motion, I use specific joint mobilisation, muscular techniques release, massage, proprioceptive retraining, muscle strengthening.

To provide short-term Pain relief, the TENS machine or therapeutic ultrasound may be useful.

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